#Hypersuites Tour 2015 was produced by Marhulets Agency and combined two musical projects both related to reinterpretations of Baroque and Renaissance music. Featuring such guest musicians as David Krakauer (NYC) and Murat Coskun (Freiburg) #Hypersuites was presented in such venues as Gasteig (Munich), Berliner Philharmonie, BOZAR - Centre for Fine Arts Brussels and others.

1) Marina Baranova - #HYPERSUITES: Improvisations, Variations and Remixes on Baroque Masters

Marina Baranova’s latest program is s based on the graceful and deeply moving music of baroque period - original works by Handel, Rameau, Bach and others provide a foundation for the brilliant improvisations and deeply personal reinterpretations. The pianist utilizes several music styles - from classic to jazz and modern pop music - to create this stunning reimagining of baroque repertoire.

2) Damian Marhulets - DIV3RSIONS: Renaissance Dances Recomposed

DIV3RSIONS is a cutting-edge collaboration between Germany-based composer and electronic artist Damian Marhulets with world-renowned klezmer/jazz clarinetist David Krakauer and classical pianist and composer Marina Baranova – two exceptional innovators who take musical genres places they have never been.