"Hypersuites" - Improvisations and Variations on Baroque Masters

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Marina’s latest program is based on the graceful music of baroque period - original works by Handel, Rameau and Bach provide a foundation for improvisations and deeply personal reinterpretations. Combining classical music structures with jazz gestures and modern pop references, she creates audacious hybrids which are driven by reviving the baroque art of ornamental extemporization and a curiosity about new narrative possibilities that grow out of the interweaving between contemporary music styles and antique masterpieces.

"Firebird" - Piano meets World Percussion (w/ Murat Coskun)

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Baranova and Coskun met for the first time on the occasion of recordings with the legendary Giora Feidman. This coincidence led to the creation of a duo program in wich the audience literally can hear a spark jump over between piano and frame drums. Baranova and Coskun offer rhythm, groove and melodies and turn their audience into enthousiastic companions on an extraordinary musical journey (...)


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Robert Schumann, ein glühender Phönix: seine Seele verbrennt, um aus der Asche wieder zu erstehen... In Florestan, Eusebius, Chiara, Meister Raro, Estrella - in all diesen Davidsbündlern ist Schumann zu finden, in allen ist er vollkommen, immer aber auch unvollendet. Jeder Gedanke von ihm ist ein Fragment mit drei Punkten am Ende... Und dann stürmisch weiter.

-- Marina Baranova, 2012